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I will be adjuncting at Antioch College starting October 4 for the Fall 2016 quarter. I will be teaching the first class of SCI 270: Introduction to Programming with Python.

When I tell people that I will be adjuncting, their first question is usually if I have ever taught before. I have not! I have volunteered for a few times and I tutored math in college, but this is the first actual teaching gig.

I’m really excited!

New App: EagleCell!

I wanted to put up my work on using GL shaders for running cellular automata. I submitted my app EagleCell to Google Play. The app runs a fullscreen simulation of Conway’s Game of Life. The entire screen is copied into a GL texture, and that texture is rendered to a second texture through an “evolution” shader that runs a single step of the game. It also uses the RGBA components of each pixel as 4 separate cells and uses a heavily optimized evolution function.

A Live Wallpaper is also provided.

The GitHub project is here.